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Updated: Dec 2, 2020

This extract, from a series of blogs on animals and wildlife, was researched and written for a private client.

What to do when bathing a kitten for the first time

This section is about giving a kitten a full bath in water. To read about taking care of orphan kittens, please read the sections titled Is it bad to bathe a kitten too often? and Can you give a small baby kitten a bath – How soon can you bathe a newborn kitten?

If this is the first kitten-bathing experience for either you or your pet, you or the kitten may feel a bit anxious. To make yourself feel more confident, be prepared. Familiarize yourself with the process before the event. Make sure you have all your equipment ready and within easy reach before you start. It may be a good idea to have somebody there to help you.

Your kitten may also feel some anxiety during their first bath. This can depend on their temperament and past experience with water. If the kitten is very anxious, it is essential to understand why they feel this way, such as if the water is too hot or cold, and do what you can to help them feel safe and secure.

If trying to bathe your kitten turns into a distressing or difficult experience, it is recommended that you talk to your vet for advice. If a bath is really necessary, your vet can give you some tips to help with the bath, or recommend a professional service to do the task for you.

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