Animals/Wildlife - 'To start with, can you befriend a wild coyote?'

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

This extract, from a series of blogs on animals and wildlife, was researched and written for a private client.

To start with, can you befriend a wild coyote?

Coyotes in the wild are generally afraid of humans, and they will do their best to avoid us. Recently, with changes to their environment, coyotes have become braver in approaching humans and the areas we live in. Food is a key motivator, just as it is for any animal. When coyotes associate humans with food, they start to be more comfortable around us. This is a very early stage of the domestication process. The coyote is still a fully wild animal. It may have changed its perspective on humans, but it has not agreed to a life of captivity.

Unfortunately, conditioning coyotes to feel familiar with humans is dangerous for our families and for the coyotes themselves. Coyotes may approach homes and attack pets or small children. At the very least, they may become a nuisance around the property of the person who tried to feed them, and they can also feel confident approaching other homes. This puts the coyotes at risk because pest behavior will lead to conflicts with humans. As a result, the coyotes may be killed or harmed in an effort to drive them away.

Sadly, many attempts to domesticate coyotes have led to the semi-habituated animals being permanently chained in a yard. These coyotes never become the exciting pets the humans hoped for.

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